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Community Choice Aggregation

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  2. The City is actively engaging businesses and residents regarding Community Choice Aggregation ("CCA"), also known as Community Choice Energy ("CCE"). CCAs are programs that allow local governments to purchase energy on behalf of their communities, while still receiving transmission and distribution service from their existing utility provider (So Cal Edison).

    The City Council recently approved a public engagement plan to inform the community on the advantages and disadvantages of CCA. The public engagement plan also serves to collect feedback from residents to determine the community's interest in this approach to procuring energy from renewable sources. This information will be collected and used to determine a path to achieve the community's goals regarding renewable energy.
  3. If you have specific questions related to CCA, please include it in the box above. Staff will submit these questions to our consultant and have responses prepared for the May 10 Lake Forest Town Hall. Questions received by the Town Hall will be used to formulate a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Sheet.
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