Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ)

The Orange County Recycling Market Development Zone (OCRMDZ) is an economic development program that utilizes the growing supply of recyclable materials to fuel new businesses, expand existing ones, create jobs, and divert waste from landfills. The program fosters and supports eligible businesses that supply or utilize secondary materials; creating a circular economy and enhancing the City's economic development potential.

As a member of the OCRMDZ, eligible businesses within the City of Lake Forest have a unique opportunity to receive several incentives the Zone has to offer.


  • Low Interest Loans and other Assistance with Financing - The RMDZ Loan Program provides direct loans to businesses and nonprofits that are located in a Recycling Market Development Zone. These loans promote market development for waste materials. 
  • Locate Feedstock - Feedstock can vary in specifications, quantity and reliability of source. Although finding these manufacturing materials may prove challenging, RMDZ can help by facilitating communication between companies looking for the same materials or establishing between complementary businesses. For more information on feedstock sources or locations at which you may post your materials, visit these sites: 
  • Market your Products - Marketing is important to the success of any company. If your company produces products made from recycled-content materials, it may be listed on CalRecycle's directories.
  • Location Assistance - Businesses seeking to locate or expand in this region can be directed to industrially zoned property and other sites throughout the zone. Lake Forest Economic Development staff is available to assist you in finding optimal business locations in the City. 
  • Technical Assistance - The OCRMDZ offers technical assistance that varies at each City. This includes permit assistance, business plan assistance, industry networking and other incentives. 

Target Materials

Construction & demolition, plastics, organics (green and food waste), cardboard and paper.

Additional Information

For more information on how the OCRMDZ can benefit your business, please contact the Economic Development Division at 949-461-3567 or email