Business Spotlight

June 2022  Business Spotlight

Pup Up Hooray is a local dog care business opened in 2019 by Lannette and Andy Atiyeh. We offer high quality services including Boarding, Daycare, Training, as well as ancillary services such as Grooming and Transportation for existing customers. We are a family-owned business and woman-owned business (as Lannette Atiyeh is the majority owner). 

The Atiyehs are long-term residents of Lake Forest. They bought their house in Foothill Ranch in 1992, and watched the area grow and flourish over the past 30 years. The Atiyehs had three children graduate from Foothill Ranch Elementary, and their oldest son was actually part of the first class to graduate from the school. They have been active in the community over the years, and have volunteered their time in efforts ranging from community cleanup to coaching their kids’ AYSO teams. The Atiyehs are also huge animal lovers and have always had multiple dogs, cats, and even Geckos at home. 

Lannette and Andy are both entrepreneurial, and have started and grown many companies: Lannette in the Medical Devices industry, and Andy in the large utility-scale Renewable Power Plant Development industry (including wind and solar power plants). In 2018, Lannette sold her shares in her company when her partners elected to move out of state. For the next venture, the Atiyehs decided to combine their love for dogs with their love for their community and open Pup Up Hooray to provide dog care services locally as there was limited availability of such services in the City of Lake Forest at the time, compared to other local cities. Moreover, Lake Forest was (and still is growing) with new homes being developed for families, many of whom have dogs’ Many of Pup Up Hooray’s customers are literally friends and neighbors. Moreover, many business located in Lake Forest employ dog owners who need a local option to care for their pups, and where they can drop off their pups on the way to work (including Oakley, for example, which is an extremely dog-friendly company).

Pup Up Hooray has the highest rated reviews on sites like Google  ( and Yelp ( because we are owner-operated and very hands on. Our customers appreciate the fact that we treat their four-legged family members as we would treat our own. Not many comparable businesses in this industry can boast that the owners take the time to know each and every pup and treat them as individuals with the personal attention that they deserve. 

Although the COVID shutdown occurred within a few months after we opened our doors (a tough deal for a business that provides care services for customers while they are at work or school, and while they are on vacations or business travel), we were able to survive nonetheless. During the shutdown we tried to do our part by offering assistance such as free care for essential workers. We even offered assistance during the wildfires in 2020 for those who had to evacuate due those fires. The Atiyehs themselves were part of those homeowners who had to evacuate, so we were wanting to help our friends and neighbors. We continue to look for other opportunities to benefit the local community, such as offering opportunities for local high school students to complete their community service hours working with and learning about dogs (some of whom we have eventually hired on as employees!). We never gave up on our business, and felt we owed our community that we continue to service it. Since COVID started to clear up, we have continued to grow and provide the highest caliber of services.

Pup Up Hooray invites any dog owner seeking the highest-level of personalized care for their pups at competitive prices to come visit us and tour our facility. Whether it is someone seeking a safe place to board their pups as they travel, someone needing daycare and socialization for their pups while at work, school, or a soccer tournament, or someone who just adopted a pup and needs training or reinforcement, we have a lot of choices and offer a complimentary first day to try us out (and even watch the pup(s) on high definition cameras from an app on their phone, tablet, or computer). We are able to tailor our services to your needs and we offer a lot of unique pluses that our customers appreciate. We also have first-time customer discounts on package purchases. 

Finally, we put on several can’t-miss free community events for owners and their pups throughout the year, such as the upcoming PAWtriotic Party coming up on June 25th, and the very popular Tricks AND Treats Dog Costume Event around HOWLoween. Come for fun, photo booths, socialization, music, training demonstrations, and tours of our facility! Details of those events are found on our website (, and pictures from past events can be seen on our social media pages such as Instagram (, and YouTube ( pages. Of course, Santa Paws visits arounds the holidays as well.

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