Requests for Proposals

Submitting a proposal is straightforward, but it does require attention to detail, since the city can reject any proposal/bid which does not comply with the documented guidelines. The most important tips are to read the entire document and follow the instructions. The following will walk you through the process of responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP). If you have any questions during the process, please contact the city point of contact, provided in the About the City section of all RFPs.

Requests for Proposal
All RFPs are developed based off of the city’s standard template. The following will walk you through each section of a RFP.

About the City
This section provides some background information on the city, as well as the main city contact for the project. This individual can serve as the point of contact for any questions or requests for clarifying information from potential proposers.

Proposal Schedule
This section provides the due date (and time) for submissions as well as the anticipated dates for interviews and City Council selection. Block out time on your calendar so you are available if selected for an oral presentation/interview.

Procedure for Submitting Project Proposals
This section provides the guidelines to follow when preparing your proposal for submission. The city has very specific instructions regarding page numbering, how many copies to provide, whether to use binders or binder clips, and how to identify each proposal. Make sure to follow these instructions exactly as stated. Proposals can be mailed or hand-delivered. All proposals are opened and reviewed within 2 weeks of the due date.

Data to be Submitted with Project Proposals
This section provides the exact content and sequence of required information. If any of the sections are missing or incomplete, the city can reject the proposal.

Scope of Work
This section provides the division of work under the project along with specific tasks and a timeline. Make sure to review the scope of work carefully and address all tasks in your proposal.

Data to be Submitted with Cost Proposals
Cost proposals must be provided separately from the rest of the Project Proposal. Cost proposals are taken into account at the very end of the evaluation process.

General Requirements
This section provides additional information pertaining to the proposal process.

Appendix A
This section provides a sample Agreement for Consultant Services Review for minimum insurance requirements which will be required if selected.

Appendix B
This section requests general information about the proposing firm.

Appendix C
This section requests certification of the submitted proposal.

Appendix D
This section describes the evaluation process. Defines evaluation criteria that will be used when reviewing and scoring proposals.