G.R.O.W. in Lake Forest

G.R.O.W. in Lake Forest is a job creation and retention program developed by the City of Lake Forest in partnership with the Orange County One-Stop Center. It assists businesses in Lake Forest with current and future hiring and employee retention needs. It includes:
  • Assistance with locating available for sale or for lease commercial space in Lake Forest
  • Assistance with universal or confidential job recruitment
  • Connecting businesses with no cost hiring solutions to include candidate screening, on-site recruitments and job fairs
  • Customized trainings for employees based on new technologies or service procedures at their company
  • Publicly recognizing businesses that create and/or add jobs to the community as a result of their business locating or expanding in Lake Forest
  • Specialized on-the-job training programs customized to meet a business' needs and enhance employee skills
  • Training and hiring incentives such as on-the-job training (OJT), customized training, work experience (WEX), and work opportunity tax credit (WOTC) offered through the Orange County One-Stop Center